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"Dad was a resident for just over 5 years and I believe he enjoyed his time here often commenting on how good he was looked after by the carers. Although dad preferred to remain in his room he liked to have his door open so that he could see and speak to carers passing by. What he did day by day was up to him.
The carers and management always had time to deal with dad in a manner you'd expect and also with family and friends when visiting.
Thank you for looking after dad and making his last years comfortable."

Lee S
Son of Resident

"My mother was a resident at Ashby Lodge, Wakefield for 7 years. In all that time I never had cause to complain about the home or the staff. She sadly had a major stroke but lingered, however the last week of her life was spent at "home" where the staff wanted her to be and her care was both loving and infinitely caring.
I can recommend this home unreservedly. We never once regretted choosing this site for my Mum's final years.

Thank you to staff and management, may you continue with the good work so very much needed for the elderly."

Janet H
Daughter of Resident

"The staff of Ivy Leaf have shown unconditional love, care and nursing during the 9 years my mother-in-law resided there. Their devotion to the elderly and kindness is limitless. They try to get the residents involved in various activities. I would like to see more care home run like Ivy Leaf. Small, family orientated care homes with friendly and efficient staff."

Susan F
Daughter-in-Law of Ivy Leaf Resident

"My mother cannot walk or talk but the staff seem to know what she wants, she cannot join in with anything, but never gets left out. Her bedroom door is always left open so she can see people passing. The staff always keep her clean and tidy. She has her hair cut every month as I have asked, they do her nails so she doesn't cut herself. They bring her dinners on time even though she cannot and will not go to the dining room.

I am very pleased with the way she is treated and if anything happens, day or night, they let me know straight away as I have requested, my brother and all of our family agree."

Diane D
Daughter of Ashby Lodge Resident

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